sshuttle a faster way to stunnel

So this post is dedicated to VMware. Vmware, thank you for being so expensive that I’ve decided (against my morals and previous rants) to install Ubuntu MaaS on my lap stack because I refuse to pay your inflated cost for licensing. Have a nice day!


SO, in actuality, this post should be dedicated to Ubuntu, which makes me cringe and shiver because of this, and this and that. While researching MaaS and JuJu, both cloud tools offered from Canonical, ‘the company behind Ubuntu’ (every time I see that slogan I recall ‘my the odds ever be in your favor’ ugh). I’ll give Canonical this, those tools sets are pretty rad. But, this adventure to replace ESXi has lead me here. Sstunnel. Here’s the skinny: data over TCP instead of TCP over TCP. For you non Network wizkids (I’m no wizkid but know enough to be dangerous , TCP is a packet streaming service for lack of better explanation. Basically it incurs a lot of loss, and isn’t well suited for some task (ie mobile data connections) but all the other particulars about it are really awesome (stateful, resends, etc). Sshuttle resolves this by building the tcp stream on the sending side, and just shipping the data over, and having the receiving side unpack the data into a TCP stream.

The doc in github does a better job explaining this. But, this may be a solution to not being able to have edge to edge routing in AWS for me with VPN tunnels instead.


More to come…

Just incase the Canonical sharks are lurking:

Disclaimer: In case you are either 1) a complete idiot; or 2) a lawyer; or 3) both, please be aware that this site is not affiliated with or approved by Canonical Limited. This site criticizes Canonical for sucking, ruining FOSS, and teaming with companies that want to see FOSS die. So, obviously, the site is not approved by Canonical. And our use of the trademarked term Ubuntu is plainly descriptive — it helps the public find this site and understand its message. VMware lawyers, just replace VMware for Canonical. And thanks for not being as evil overtly evil  as Canonical.

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