Tool Tips

I’ve been dragging on updates lately because I just started a new job. But, I do have something pretty neat to share. My co-workers have introduced me to some neat tools, check them out:

OSX Users, if you’re using Microsoft RDP, stop. If you’re using CoRD, fine, but there’s something more killer.

Royal TSX – RDP, VNC, SSH, scriptable, shareable profiles without sharing credentials. Have Windows? RoyalTS. Have an iPhone or iPad? Royal TSi

Using the stock terminal with OSX? It’s time to come out of the dark ages. Check out iTerm 2. Completely refreshed version of iTerm. Multiple split plans, etc, etc.

Using CLI? Good! got Ruby? Even better. Check out termrc, save and share your cli or development environments with your friends! I’ll share mine here later in an “edit” update.

Ok that’s it cool kids!