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getting broadcom nic in gentoo

So, I dumped Ubuntu last week. I was pretty disappointed from my overall experience. Which isn’t surprising, because that’s how I felt the last time I dumped Ubuntu (6.10). Anyway, I’ve decided to take on Gentoo as my next laptop OS. I knew this would be a challenge, but I was a little shocked that my NIC card, a Broadcom, wasn’t picked up.

So, here’s how I loaded it (with some help from the Gentoo forums btw)

lspci -nn will give you the device name, and PCI number. In my case, I was lucky, the minimal disk has a driver I can use.

So, do rmmod broadcom and rmmod tg3
Now, we need to reload the modules. So do
modprobe broadcom
modprobe tg3

Let’s check ifconfig
ifconfig -a

If everything worked ok, then ta-da, you have a working NIC. If you’re getting DHCP, do dhcpcd eth0 for an IP.