Using sips on Mac OSX for cli image manipulation

So in my last post I on the Cisco ASA I wanted to insert a screen shot I had taken on my Mac. The problem was that capture saves images as .tiff And, I know you can change this default from the cli, but there are other times when I really just need to convert an image from one format to the next quickly.

Sips lets you do that. So, that unhelpful .tiff file can become a jpeg or png file in a jiffy. Also, this works on PDFs.

Here’s the magic:
mbp$ sips -s format jpeg .tiff –out .jpeg

Specify your desired file format after format. That’s it kids! Good to go. If you want to be really fancy, you can make a cronjob or automator job to do this every so often against the directory you keep your screen shots in.

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