How to Download ASDM from an Cisco ASA firewall

So, I’m a system guy that’s getting tossed some networking task from time to time. Most recently, I was tasked with adding a rule to an ASA firewall. Being a Cisco noob, I didn’t have the knowledge or time to figure this out from the cli, but I had seen someone use an ASA to configure a firewall once.

Problem was, I didn’t have the tool I needed, ASDM. So, here’s how you get it.

You’ll need the username and password for your ASA device to in order access it.

open a connection, ssh is fine to your ASA.
ssh admin@myASA-IP
myASA> en

great, now we need to enable http server on 443

myASA# conf t
myASA(config)# http server enable

the default port is 443, if you need it to be something else just put the port number at the end of that string

awesome, we can exit the shell now

Open a web browser to https://myASA-IP/admin
Accept the *scary* ssl cert warning message and you’ll get a lovely page that looks like so:

Just click on ASDM launcher and enjoy! Keep in mind you’ll need java installed to use this tool.

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